Burkina Faso Financial Issue: Poverty Remains Pervasive

It must not be easy at all to live in a place where more than 40 percent of the people live below the poverty rates. And having four or five kids to take care of, must be one of the toughest missions that you can undertake. In 2016 Burkina Faso was placed at 185 out of 188 countries on the Human Development Index. One of the main reasons for the poverty issue in this country is the uncontrolled birth rates. Most of the families in rural areas have five or more children.

Most of the people in these areas work as farmers, but the weather conditions are not very promising either. To top things off, fluctuation from the prices of export just seems to make matters worse. Why is Burkina Faso in such a financial crisis? Is there a way that one can follow to make it in this place? Well, it seems like the conditions in the city are a bit better.

Since most of the rural areas in Burkina Faso lack the infrastructure, this has driven people that live in those areas to malnutrition. Maybe one solution would be to apply for a loan and move to the capital city Ouagadougou. Chances of a better life are way higher there, with only 10 percent of the city living below the poverty rates.

The political situation is not very favorable either. When the political situation of a country is unstable, the economy of that country tends to fall. Citizens must start thinking for themselves and their own families. A loan would greatly help someone who is looking to live better than the present situation in the rural areas. At least this way you can live and work hard to build your life. The odds are better in the city than to expect luck to change its course.

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